Ranging from day to night, the Ivano Redaelli Collection offers a series of furnishings and high-end fabrics embracing an exclusive, total style concept, the ideal of the perfect, glamourous, elegant home. A vision engaging all the senses, giving life to unique emotions and impressionsthat reverberate in all aspects of everyday life. A private, intimate world to be imagined and designed in all of its components, selecting among a wide range of refined décor, sartorial details, exclusive fabrics, amazing materials and timeless, essential designs. A sheer evergreen concept. 


A long

The company’s origins date back to a family history of high-end textile manufacturing, well known for its refinement and quality. Since 1960, with the establishment of Redaelli Ricami, the Cavaliere del Lavoro (i.e. Knight of The Order of Merit for Labour) Piero Redaelli and his wife Iside distinguished themselves for the production of high-quality hand-embroidered linen. A tradition that continues up to the present day, further invigorated by the company’s ability to deal with today’s changing lifestyles and markets without ever losing sight of its own history.

A long tradition able to facing the future with style


An International

Strengthened by the company’s great tradition and history, since the 1980s the founders’ children Ivano and Nicoletta started adding a new, international feel to the family’s enterprise. New solutions and original paths are put to the test, in the belief that the condition on which the future is built is the ability to innovate - not just within the already experimented field of home linen, but also in the furniture area, thanks to the creation of an unprecedented concept. A new style project is born, one that combines textiles and furniture, anticipating the trends that have made the Made in Italy brand famous all over the world. 


A lifestyle

Over the decades, the company has grown to become an actual lifestyle brand combining luxury and exclusiveness, at the same time maintaining its strong identity, deeply rooted into its top-of-the-range artisanal tradition. The Ivano Redaelli collections become a synonym of sober elegance, timeless luxury and utmost refinement, gradually establishing themselves as an essential reference point for interior designers and international buyers alike.


An exclusive

Ivano Redaelli’s lifestyle ideal does not confine itself to a simple range of home linen and furniture. The idea is that of creating an exclusive interior design concept, the result of a constant research path. In this way, collection after collection, the company has achieved the pure exaltation of quality in each and every detail and the spreading of Made in Italy excellence at an international level, thanks to an unmistakably recognizable, unique style.

Attention to detail and the exaltation of the senses complete the philosophy of what has already become a style beyond the brand itself


A warm
Captivating Style

The Ivano Redaelli Collection is born from a long tradition combined with the respect for high-quality raw materials, an innate sense for design and elegance and a constant, creative research. Precious fabrics such as linen and silks, fur and cashmere blankets and cushions, carpets, beds, sofas, different kinds of seats and other complements: everything evokes a refined lifestyle, a timeless elegance and the ability to create an infinite set of spaces able to enwrap and indulge the five senses in its embrace.


An exclusive

The ideation of each of Ivano Redaelli’s creations – either furniture pieces or fabrics to decorate the living area, the bed, the bathroom and the dining room – is born from a unique technical expertise and a deep knowledge of raw materials. That is how we manage to highlight the characteristics of the different kinds of fabric, leather and fur, creating furnishings where the presence of high-end textiles represents an invaluable strong point.


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